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I have affiliate links on the site and I try and make that transparent in several areas on the site.

Affiliate Disclosure

When you make a purchase through one of the affiliate links, I may earn a commission. Please note that you pay nothing extra when you purchase through an affiliate link, in fact, many affiliate links offer discounts for that particular product or service.

Also, I may recommend other products, services, coaches, and consultants but no such reference is intended to be an endorsement or statement that such information provided is accurate. I recommend these based on my personal experience, but it is still your responsibility to conduct your own due diligence to ensure you have obtained complete accurate information about such products, services, coaches, and consultants.

My Honest Intent

Now, with the legal mumbo jumbo out of the way – my desire is to connect real people with great products and tools – if those companies have affiliate programs then it's a win-win-win! You'll notice I try and point out which tools I personally use most frequently.

You will not be presented with tools & services that are complete garbage, just so I can earn a few bucks. I want to be able to sleep well at night 😴

I recognize we don't personally know one another, but I remember as I create content on this site that it's for real people, with real lives and real goals. This is why I take the time to make sure I'm presenting quality products and services, so I'm not wasting your time and money!

There, that's the most honest disclosure I can give through a digital medium ☺️